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408 horespower estimate

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i was wondering if someone could run my engine specs with a desktop dyno so i can get an idea of what kind of horsepower my setup will make. i have a 400 sbc 40 over with flat top -5cc pistons file fit rings and zero decked. cast crank with stock 3.75 stroke and 5.7 rods. heads are dart pro 1 platinum 200cc runners and 72cc chambers with 2.02 1.6 valves. The cam is an Isky custom 274/284-8 490 intake with 274 duration and 510 exhaust with 284 duration. 50 thou is 226 intake 236 exhaust and lobe seperation is 108 degree's. IVO 5 IVC 41 EVO 45 EVC 10. mid length 1 3/4" tube headers with a 750 proform race carb and dart kool can dual plane air gap intake.
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