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41 chevy frame

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Does anyone know if I could use an s10 frame under my 41 chevy coupe? I know my coupe has a wheelbase of 116 inches. I also know any way I go is going to involve some work. But a mustang II hub to hub $2300 is far more money than I am going spend.
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Many options, used mustang II, subframe, S-10 may work but be sure to get the extended cab frame and you'll have to cut out a portion of the frame to get the right wheelbase. regular cab will be too short. If you go subframe try the G-body GM's 77-87 I believe, Monte carlo, cutlass, etc. The wheel across on those is 58 inches, mustang II is 56 inches, your chevy is probably closer to 60 inches.
How about my 41?

I have a 41 caddy with a 81 camaro subframe, fit like a dream. I know that the 41 buick is a clone of the cad, and a freinds 41 chevy dash is so much like mine that I am ordering a guage set for chevy to put in the cad.
Kept the caddy frame, put a camaro rear axle on the original springs.

I don't have the numbers, but I bet the cad and chev are awful close in dimension.
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