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41 chevy newbie

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Just getting started with the disassembly. How do you decide if the car is too far gone? Do I use bolt ons to the original frame or use a different frame?
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hi !!my guess is if you can't see thru it ,,it's not too far !!
the existing frame should be OK !! why spend a lot of cash for something you already have,, unless it's junk or you'r going to drive it around the track,, i guess thats up to you .. how much cash you got???
sorry i just noticed you are in a bad snow area Wisconsin??i'm in az. and our cars are "RUST FREE"...LOL.. :thumbup:
Welcome to the site.. :thumbup:
Welcome to the board fellow 41 Chebby owner. Check out my journal

and be sure to start one of your own.
Welcome from Alberta. the chevy frame should be good if no major rust.You may need to repair,or box it,but usually they are fixable.Same is true for the body. Good Luck. Got pictures??
40's Chevys had a "Top Hat" frame which is boxed from the factory. They are very strong and unless it has been in a major accident there is little chance the frame will be damaged at all. If there are some small areas where there is rust through all it takes is a small patch and you're good to go.
Thanks to everyone for the info. I'm planning on pulling the car out of storage this weekend 6-13-09. I will post photo's as well. Might even get a good start on tearing it apart. The interior is complete and in excellent condition so it may take some time to do that.
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