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Don't want to discourage you, but if you are describing what I think -it is a job... DON'T GIVE UP, THO!! You probably can't hammer it back without an 'oilcan' effect happening- you may need 'pie cuts'- slices to remove the puckered material at a 90 degree to the 'V', that is across the raised area, then weld and hammer/dolly back in- try to work the metal as it is hot and you'll have better luck- (the pics would be helpful.) Take your time- an oilcanned spot can be a nightmare- (and not the good kind like HK has!!) You probably needed more curve in the piece you put in. If you try to heat shrink an area as large as I think it is I'm afraid it will be too difficult. Remember don't give up and work patiently- it sounds like it will be cool when you're done!!! Any more info just ask and if you can post those pics it will also aid in responses!! Good Luck!! :)

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