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Ok guys,
I finally got the balls to chop the top on my 41 ford. The cutting part was easy, now it is time to put all the pieces back together, I cut a large rectangle around the rear window to preserve its size, shape, and curve. After removing 3 3/4 inches from the front and 4 3/4 inches from the back I welded the back windshield and corner post back together. Well the problem is that where the rear of the body and the window meet there is a curve on both sides creating a peak, about 1/2 high _/\_. Is possible to shrink the metal to correct this or hammer the peak out? I have a few other pieces that don't exactly line up also, I was welding cold roll steal to fill the gaps and just hoped that I could hammer them straight. What do you guys think? I hope this makes sense!! Maybe I will post some, what a mess!
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