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Bryan59EC said:
AND----when the Auto Trans became available, it was

400 (ci) 4bbl dual exhaust

That's correct. The 442 first came out in 1964. The only available drivetrain that year was the 4bbl 330 and 4 speed trans. That's where the 4 bbl, 4 speed, dual exhaust came from. In 1965 the 330 was replaced with the 400 big block and an automatic was offered, thus the switch to 400 cu in, 4 bbl, dual exhaust. Of course by 1966 there was a 3 x 2 bbl induction option (4-6-2?) and later a 455 engine (4.5-4-2), so by then the name had no relation to the equipment. In 1972 the 442 became a suspension and appearance package only, so it was available with any Cutlass engine (including the single exhaust 350). By the late 1970s the 442 came with a V6 and 5 speed. I won't even get into the Quad 442...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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