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Hey all,

I'm looking to do a basic 454 build to go into a K10. Shooting for 500 ft/lbs on pump gas. Just checking to see if I'm missing anything.

4 bolt main
Factory 781 heads, intake valves upsized to 2.19.
Forged pistons, 9.5 or 10:1 SCR
Factory crank
Factory rods

Hydraulic roller cam (229/[email protected], .600/.569 lift, 109 LSA) Link here

Dual plane aftermarket intake
Long tube headers
850 or greater carb

Th400, 3.73 gears, on 35" tires, 2200-2600 stall

Thank you!

· Mark Goulette
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I'd put bigger valves in the heads. If they will accept a 2.25-2.30" intake, do it. Have them professionally ported as well, make sure you are HONEST with your goals....I'd suggest the Performer RPM for the intake, it smokes the regular Performer across the board. With the iron heads, keep your compression around 9-9.5:1. They retain heat pretty well and you might have detonation issues with higher compression and pump gas.

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I will say that if you had the valve seats cut for bigger valves but nobody did a hand blending of the bowl pocket, laid back the short side approach to the wasted your money machining it and the head, even though it has a bigger valve, likely flows worse than stock.
BBC is very particular about this issue on the intake side.
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