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ive just put a down payment on a 72 454 which was the original motor from an impala. ive looked up these engines and seen two ratings at 230 hp, 360 ft/lbs, which in the book was for station wagons, and a 270 hp 390 ft/lbs version. The numbers i got off the motor are
354039 off one head and 353048 off another (these two numbers i may have misread). The code off the front of the block is T11l0CWL (the fourth character i could not tell if it was a 1 or an L). the back of the block had the number 3999288. On Mortec Chevy the closest number i could find to the one on the back of the block was 3999289, which is a 72-79 2 or 4 bolt 454, also said some "CE" replacement blocks were four bolt. i was wondering if anyone knew what my numbers meant and could help me identify exactly what kind of bog block it is and any other information about the motor. I also am going to buy the turbo 400 that came out of the car also. I know the turbo 400 has the inch and a half diameter shaft, but what are the other ways ton identify it? (It seems to be longer and narrower than my turbo 350.) My friend said the main difference is the short tailshaft and bigger inch and a half diameter. Were there any different variations on the lengths of the turbo 400s?
I appreciate any help on this topic since this is going to be my first big block. im planning on rebuilding this motor and transmission along with the ford 9 inch i bought a few months ago and i am going to use this drivetrain to replace the 305, turbo 350, 10 bolt drivetrain that i currently have in my 72 nova. My plan is to make this a decent street strip car.

I now have the engine and have taken the heads off. The number on the back of the block i had read wrong and is actually 3999289 which means it is a 72-79 2 or 4 bolt main 454. Also the block has the "Hi Perf" marking on it so i am hoping that it is a 4 bolt main. The heads are regular "Pass" oval port heads. I am yet to take off the pan to check if it is 2 or 4 bolt. I am still wondering if there is any other information anyone could find on this motor. Were the "Hi Perf" blocks the high nickel blocks? The motor was an orange block. Were there any other things attributed to the "Hi Perf" blocks?
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