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Ok from all that ive read it seems there are some very knowledgable people posting. But can you awnser this for me?

It seems that everyone who swaps to the 454 TBI unit is looking for the higher CFM it provides. The catch is that it also comes with the bigger injectors providing too much fuel.

Are the 305/350 TBI units similar enough to the 454 ones that a guy could simply swap the Pressure Regulator/Injector assembly so the 350 injector assembly was on the 454 main body. Thus providing the required air flow without too much fuel.

If not is it possable to simply swap the injectors themselves, smaller injectors on the bigger bore TBI?

The reason im asking is that Im runnning in into a problem with my HO305 starving for air at 4000 RPM. And im shure it will get worse when i install my 350 im bulding.

Another thing i just considered is that my heads may be restricting the airflow and not the TBI. The heads are the stock ones from the mid 70s 305 block.
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