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460 falcon should i????

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Hey guy's
Im new to all this computer stuff so bare with me.I tried to search for this subject in previous forum but I coudlnt find aany thing. I have a 1968 falcon. I want to insall a 460 and a c-6 trans and a 9 inch. Does anyone have any advise to guide me through this.What should I do about the strut towers. Should I cut them or what. Do i need so brace the car for the cow im about put in it.Every thing is coming out of an 86 f250. Will I have to move the cross member.I have no idea were to begin with the rear. Thanks for the help. Also my intro if anyonr is interested is on the introduction forum. talk to ya later.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts begin with...spell checker Dude!!!!! Use a build plan and be prepared to change it. There are custom oil pans out there so maybe you won't have to change the cross member but Heid and fat man and Meyers sells stuff for a custom setup. The rear end is probably the least of your problems. I use Ford 9" rear ends in my Chevy thats a real treat...believe me!!! Anything is possible with a little effort and some forethought!!


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Most everything you need will be available from CRITES. The spring towers will have to be cut back, they have the kit for it.

The FALCON is basically the same as the FAIRLANE for that year.

Thanks for the adivse Ill be back soon

heck yeah you should.

photo document it in a project journal. please.
Two things to consider: (1) an 1986 460 is a low compression emission engine. So unless you plan to rebuild it to high performance specs, you'll be dissapointed with the results. It is a very heavy and wide engine. Even after you get in in there getting an exhaust system to fit can be a nightmare. (2) The 351W will fit in that body with very few problems. It is a whole bunch lighter, has a lot more aftermarket products for it, and would best all around choice for a transplant engine.
Yeah I know what your saying I heard that from many other people that are a lot smarter then but I figure there are a lot of falcons with 351w and hardly any with 460's>I hav a 289 in it now but Im ready for a change.I do plan to do some work to the eng such as heads,cam,intake,carb do you think I will have to do some internal work to get the power and speed. Im looking at 12's in a quarter.
Don't have the figures for a 1986, but it should be close to the output of the 1981 that I do have info on. Biggest problem is the (low) 8:1 compression ratio and very mild cam. This is done for emissions and gas mileage. Total output for that enging was 210hp. To get the power output up would require a total rebuild to get the compression up and cam profile better suited to performance. This along with everything else that goes with it (bore block,grind crank as needed, valve job, new intake & carb or rework EFI for new engine requirements, ingnition upgrade and exhaust system upgrade) is going to cost $$$$.
The 86 f250 has a free floating sterling something I cant remember but Im trading my buddy for a 9in.I do plan to soup it up but not to out rages.Im in the air force we all no how good they pay. just kidding
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