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47 ford truck fort axle -disc brakes

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Hey just started a new project heading towards the rat side of life (that could change in time ) LOL.

I am looking for some ideas on converting the front axle to disc brakes I have seen on other sites that the spindles are the same from 1/2 ton thru 1 ton any one out there done this swap?

I may not have all the cash to finish the body at this time but it dont leave the yard without great brakes and steering, you have them working after all paint wont help when you have to stop or turn.


Brian kc0kfg
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ford disc.

lots of options for fords. what size truck? I saw a write up on the hamb about using 70's truck parts. reaming the axle so later king pins and spindles would fit, then having a truck alignment shop bend the axle to get propper camber.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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