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Doc here, :pimp:

If your talking protection for the alternator, and the main power feed wires, You should run proper Fuse links or MAXI fuses. A standard fuse won't hold up to the job of maintaining power under certain conditions.

Fuses, will open at the first "Spike" in current, and leave you with a "Dead system" and changing fuses every few days..

A Fuse link is designed to take over current, For a period of time, heat and MELT a joint open, before it disables the system..(seconds to minutes) where a fuse will open right away (milliseconds)..And The amount of current on the fuse link determines how quickly it opens..major overload will open faster than a slight over current.

If your running a standard set up, get 3 fuse links (or Maxi's) or a trident Fuse link..One to the Switched side of the fuse Buss, One to the Non Switched side of the Fuse Buss, and One to the alternator..

If your Alternator is 100 amp, use a 90 fuse link, If your non switch buss has few items on it, get a 50 amp link, and for the switched buss, get a 70 amp link.

Fuse link or Maxi, they BOTH do the same job..I advocate the Links over the maxi .. and for this reason, Fuse links Don't just open every few years or so, It has a MAJOR problem! A maxi is way too simple to just "Pop" out and replace , and Ignore the problem at hand..which could lead to a fire..Links, require soldering to repair and is no easy job to repair, motivating you to find out WHY it went out..But Both do the job.

Either way you go..NEVER INSTALL A FUSE LINK inside a cabin or passenger compartment..They do their job by melting and burning up..This can set interior parts on fire, and release TOXIC fumes in a closed cabin..Always Install at the starter solenoid Battery Cable , Or Battery Distribution Terminal.

Doc :pimp:
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