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I had the 4L60E tranny of my 2001 Tahoe rebuilt by a friend. He is doing trannies for more than 30 years, but he is only familiar with the old-style mechanical transmissions. There was a bad bearing and clutches and the brake band was worn out.

After I put the tranny back in the car, it did not shift propperly. I found out that the big round connector was not connected properly, after I fixed that and erased the error codes in the computer, no new error codes showed up but the transmission still doesn´t shift as it should.

When I shift in OD or D, it stays in first, when I shift in 2, it shifts up to second. Reverse, neutral and park works properly.
Mechanical the transmission should be fine after the rebuilt, but we didn´t change the solenoids.

What could be the cause for that problem? Could it be a bad solenoid and is it possible to check / change them with the transmission in the car?

Thanks for help!
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