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Hey guys iam new on here and need some help. I have a 1995 single cab 2 wheel drive s-10. The stock motor was a 2.2lt 4 cylinder and if you know anything about those little motors they are junk! They have leaky head gaskets and are known to spin bearings on the crank. Well being a gear head since i was about 3 years old i bought a 97 s-10 with the 4.3lt vortec v-6 and did a complete motor swap. In my opinion if you have never attempted to do a complete rebuild of an s-10 dont expect to be done in a days time! I have since re pulled the 4.3 and changed alot of the parts i didnt change in the first place. Well now the truck is on the road and is running great EXCEPT (You know there is always an Except in there!) the transmission which is a 4l60e is leaking transmission fluid out of the bell housing and flinging on to my exhaust which makes it smokes Alot. I have changed the seal at the end of the rear bell housing and it has not fixed the problem. I have talked to a few more people and they have said to pull the end bell housing and change that seal. WELL...i dont see how to change the damn thing! The question is will i need to re-build the transmission or is there a way to change the seal without re-building? If anybody needs pics or needs to see how it is please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] I really would appreciate it!
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you have to pull the trans back to change it, and pull the converter out to do it also

basically pull the trans out from under the truck pretty much

the 2.2L isnt that bad they commonly go well over 200k miles i have a 97 with 220k on it runs like brand new sure it needed a new head gasket like they all do but its only 100 bucks total to fix it
and its really easy to do on these engines.

good engine really.

and i dont even like 4 cylinder engines.,

not a bad engine

just a bad gasket

anyways pull your trans and replace the front seal

good luck
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