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So I want to start out with a little background. A few years back (2015) my older brother, Mother and older sister rebuilt a TH-400 transmission, in an 84 Chevy G30. It was an RV that we lived in, and actually had a forum here. This community outrageously helped us with that transmission. Which is why I'm here.

On September 17th the transmission in our 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera (Which was mentioned as a Sedan, that had the LIM gasket replaced) decided to act up.

Early in the morning, the transmission fell out of Drive, into neutral, and wouldn't go back. So we pulled over and put two quarts in (We've been putting off a service for some time, we knew the fluid was low and old) after that, we shifted into "Drive 2" and it would only drive between 15 to 35 before going back to neutral. We made it home, serviced the fluid and filter, and saw great results. To test these results, we drove it to a store.
While reversing out of the parking spot, at the store, two new horrible problems occurred at the exact same time. The car made a large "Pop" we lost reverse and now wouldn't go past about 40mph without dropping to neutral. Farther more after the pop, was a loud grinding noise and "firecracker" noise.
We drove if home and realized the belt had exploded. (From the engine overheating) when we made it home, We noticed there were serpentine spaghetti noodles rapped around the CV Axle, which was the firecracker noise (Because the serpentine belt strains were whipping around the metal around the CV Axle). And with other tasting, we realized the grinding is (Still) the AC Clutch. But this didn't explain why we lost reverse. So we decided we were going to take it apart, find out what was wrong and fix it.

The Olds now has 243,000 plus, miles on it. And we plan to push on many more. Because we did the TH-400 we immediately decided we were going to rebuild this 4T60E. We jumped right into it, with a Haynes manual, a ATSG book, and new knowledge learned I. Recent years (Zach (My older brother) Has worked at multiple repair shops, and I am currently a salesperson at am Autoparts store)

As soon as we got the drums and housings out, we saw that the Reverse Reaction Drum, had teeth grinded away. Now, because of our lack of experience, we didn't know right away if that's was the cause of our problems, or just a result of another problem. (we later ripped apart another 4T60E junkyard transmission with less miles, and saw the Drum was already grinding a bit. And I saw one of the forums here was the same problem)
Anyways, we bought a new drum off Amazon, and started reassembly the transmission. All has been going well, until last night.
A bolt that mounts the Oil Pump to the Valve body broke. We looked at options, from getting the broken bolt out, to replacing the valve body. An option we really want to approach is leaving it. The bolt is surrounded by 5 other bolts that seat deeper down, and are larger.

It's that red bolt in the picture

Any thoughts?
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