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is this threar too old? hehe

Hi, i posted the below message elsewhere, and just thought i try it here too. If the below message sounds familiar, sorry for the repeat.


I too have this same request. I got a 66 comet (2 dr sedan with rear seats) and currently have lap belts all the way around. My desire is to have 3 or 4 pt seat belts all around BUT without a roll bar and preserving the rear seating.
Now a question. My daily driver truck (02 avalanche) has seats with an integrated seat belt shoulder harness (just like that guys 99 z-71). So the seat belt is essentially "bolted" to the seat back. Apparently, for these seats DOT approves it and probably safe as anything. Also, I've seen alot of convertible cars with the same type integrated seats. Ive read from folks here that bolting the 4pt harness to the floor is bad news, bolting it to the seat is bad, ....but how do these integrated seats work?
So, my idea is why not buy a racing seat and just bolt the shoulder parts up to the top/back part of the seat. Assuming these racing seats are just as strong as these OEM seats...they better be, seeing as they are called "racing" seats.
Or another idea is to go to my junkyard and find used seats with these integrated seat belt should harness and just put those into my 66 comet. A 3 pt selt belt is certainly better than a lap belt


1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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