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5 point harnesses are mounted to the roll bar mainly beacuse most racing classes require them to mounted a certain way, the most important requirement is that the shoulder straps must be attached above or level with the shoulder of the racer and lap belts including crotch strap must be bolted to the floor with grade 8 fasteners and have load spreading washers to prevent pullout.

That being said you have a myriad number of options to choose from when designing your own street setup, the important thing to remember is it is your butt on the line and I personally don't like to take a chance on redesigning the wheel. The reason for the shoulder belts attachment being level or above the shoulders is to prevent spinal compression during a crash, very important!

If you were willing to fabricate a seat frame that you could attach a nascar style seat to, you could attach the belts to that. Of course to make a crash worthy frame that the seat attaches to is probably going to take up more room than a roll bar would, not impossible but not too practical either. You could go to the roof but then the roof would need reinforcement, something like a rollbar would stiffen that up nicely. I think you can see where this is going, now you can see why no one has 5 point belts without a roll bar, it is not safe or practical to do it any other way. Perhaps some other members have seen a setup where this was incorporated into the design of the car?
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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