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I recently purchase a '50 Merc. being a tried and true
Ford man. (Traded in the '69 Red Galaxie Conv.) One small problem though. The Merc has a chev 350 engine, a 350 tranny, and a Nova II front end clip. Have not got to the rear end yet. The car is chopped 3 inches, and shaved all around, and the flames were done by Mike Lavalee. I found this site while looking for an electronic button floor shifter, I briefly saw one on Monster Garage the other day but they passed over it so quickly I didn't find out anything. I have limited space on the custom center console so I thought the push button setup would be nice. Did any one see that episode or do they know who makes one? If
that does not work I need to find a nice looking narrow, cable operated, shifter for the console (3 1/2" wide) to replace the column shift.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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