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Jag ?

My son has a 36 olds and we are planning on doing a JAG
xj swap. The olds and Jag have almost the same track width. There are a few Jag swaps with a few picts on the HAMB forum. I like the gag because they are cheap. WE still have 4 on Pallets and a donor car parked behind the farm garage. We paid $ 100 to 150 for jag front or rear at wrecking yards. we pull them. You need to keep at least part of the jag steering column. U joint system. You keep the your frame rails with the fender-bumper- radiator mount and cut off the frame bump out that hold your original front spring and add new flat plate. There is a ford van front shock that is shorter than the jag that will work. You have to fab upper shock mount and weld in the jag cross member.
here a link to jag in a 53-54 chevy the frame is clost to your olds in width etc
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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