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hey everybody, hows life on the old hotrodding site, now the last
time i was here i asked a question about buying two rather high
priced classics, a bel air 409 and a 68 camaro ss396. i found a
better car instead, a 69 camaro SS with a 509 BBC under the hood
now to the point, i am going to to put better performance in the
engine all by my self. my question is are these parts compatible
in 4-bolt MK IV 509 big block. i would like to install Holley aluminum
heads with rectangular ports for the big block chevy; a Lunati
mechanical cam shaft with 308/316 duration and gross lift is
.651"/.632"; last is a Edelbrock dual quad intake for the rectangular port big block chevy with 2 manual choke, 750 CFM
Edelbrock performer 4 bbl. carburaters. these parts are for the
MK IV big block, but will they work with a 509 cube big block.
this is the first engine i will have ever worked on. thank you for
any advice.
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