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Hi everyone!

I'm restoring a 1951 Ford F1 and it currently has a modified front clip that tilts forward. As it is now I have to grab the wheel well on either side and lift it up to open it. It is held in place by a cable on a spring to keep it from falling too far forward.

What I would like to do is put a hydraulic or electric lift on the thing bu tI know nothing about who makes them or where to buy.

I figure this system would have a hydraulic lifting cylinder on each side of the radiator bracket attached to the frame and to the hood/fender. It would be lifted by a hydraulic pump of sorts.

I have seen electric screw type lifts but I would have to mount it in the center to lift the hood and I'm not sure I have room.

Anybopdy have any experience, knowledge, suggestions, I'd certainly appreciate it.


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auto loc has linear actuators.

Speedway has them too,928_Spal-Linear-Actuators.html

Hydraulics are a pain because you need motors, pumps, hoses and valves.

You would want to use 2 actuators, one one each side instead of 1 in the center.

You also need to position them so that they are at a right angle to the load when the hood is closed. It stresses those motors alot when they are laid down.

You need to think about some kind of latch or locating mechanism for the rear of the hood that will keep it from lifting at speed.
Slam type latches don't work very well because of the slow action of the lifting mechanism.

Soon I am going to be doing one of those setups myself on a 41 Plymouth with a tilt front end for a customer.

I will probably use a small linear actuator as a deadbolt for the latch on that car.

Hope this helps,
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