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Hello hotrodders!
I'm trying to decide weather to sell or fix a hand me down 52 deluxe. the car is complete, and in pretty good shape. It was parked about 20 years ago. The body is dent less, but has some rust and pitting on the trunk and one rear fender. I have been doing some research and discovered re-doing the stock brakes isn't enough. For modern traffic I'll need front disc brakes ,need to add a booster, and relocate the master cylinder. This seems like the most difficult part of getting the car road ready. I've got the skills and resources to get the engine and tranny going. I guess I'm looking for resources and advice on what to do here. I don,t want to get in over my head. I don't have too money or time to devote to this car. (my 88 silverado is my main project).
Thanks again hotrodders
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