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55 chev restore

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I have started a body off restoration of a 55 chev delmar. After lifting off the body I knew I had more than I thought. My problem is welding in the body mount supports and reinforcement brackets on the floor. My neighbor insistes that I should drill a hole on one side , The inside of the floor a TRY to duplicate the spot welds. He came down and saw my welds on the under side and said they looked like hell and I would have to grind them to clean them up. This is the 3 rd time he has taken a shot at my work. So I told him that I did not see him try to do it so put his actions where his mouth was. He did on brace from the inside and said "See no problem. After he left I gave the brace a hit with a hammer and it came lose. I went back to edge weld, gind and grinding the finish up. This is not a concorse car but a street rod. Any feed back that would be constructive? Ihave just cut out the trunk floor and am trying to rebuild that area.
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welcome....Tell your neighbor to go home and stay there. Any advise you need, you can get here............good luck. Love 55 Chevies.
well I told him to take a hike. I just finished an 83 cutlass rod and I think he is havig a problem with the 15 years he has worked on a 71 chevelle and it is yet to be even close. He used something called Rust mort to coat the rust on the sheel metal this summer. I mentioned that the only way to stop it is to sand blast, grind or replace the metal. Now he is complaining about the rust comming back. I just laugh at him and have not seen him for 5 days now. When he got the new floor pan for the chevelle I told him he had to sand off all the black factory primer. They only put that on to protect the part in storage. Now that is pealing off and raw metal is showing. Now to the 55. I have a 400 small block with 4 bolt mains. I think I will sell the Saginaw trans, bell hsg, flywheel., 2 pressure plates, throw out bearing, clutch fork and clutch disks. I think I will go with the 375 automatic. I have already rebuilt it. The engine is around a 73. What would the compression ratio be? It has 3 freeze plugs on the side of the block. My crazy wife wants me to install a blower. What would be best? an 8-71 or a 6-71? This car will never see the strip but will have some run time on the back roads.
I am not new to the chevy rod bit been at it 40 years, only now the money is there and the time to go radical.
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