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'57 BEl air wagon trim

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hey guys i wondered if i should remove my exterior chrome mouldings, i mean theyre removed right now for body work but i wondered if i should "Shave" them to make it appear more like a street rod or should i leave them on. what do you think guys?
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I've seen them shaved at shows, then they paint the trim on w/airbrush- looks really COOL!!! I personally think that shaving gives it more of a personal 'statement'- making it 'yours' and not like everybody else. I'd say "GO FOR IT!!" - but that's just my opinion!!! Good Luck!! :)
I am shaven my 54 pontiac mainly because I think the chrome looks like crap on it.I like the low chrome look on the old cars.
I would shave it off I think it would get it a clean look
You didn't say whether you have a 2door or 4door wagon. I think the 57 Chevy BelAir with all the trim is the message. This is the quintessential car America Loves best and recognizes as a symbol of our automotive history and our love affair with the automobile. To be perfectly frank, why strip a BelAir to make it look like a 210 or "gulp", a 150?????
Of course, if your trim is beat up and scratched and mostly held on with big phillips head screws, well, ditch it and fill the holes, what the hey!
Hey don't be ditzing a 210, I have a 57 210 four door wagon with a 300hp 327 with a 350 turbo, vitage air, 605 steering box conversion, ididit column and front disc brakes, a true sleeper very fun car, I could convert it to Bel Air trim, but why they only made half as many 210's as they did Bel Air's. :cool:
Pardon me, sir! I was not "dissing" your sweetheart 210 Wagon. I was simply offering advice to some one who asked for it. I'm cool with sticking with the 210 trim you have; I'm cool with the conversion to BelAir trim.
The matter of production figures is not necessarily relevant as that applies to the stock vehicle you used to own, not the modified vehicle you currently own. I find that a great many of the 55-57 cars I look at are not traveling undre the original-style power anyhow. At a recent car show here there were 6 or 7 57s, all converted 6cyl. cars except my son's BelAir 2dr sedan.
BUT, in the real scheme of things, who cares? Get it on the street, drive it daily, to work, to the movies, to the grocers, enjoy!
Just trying to have a little fun with it, as you can see from my post it is not original anyway. i may even put an LT1 in it to get even more power and freak out all of the restorers anyway. Have fun. :cool:
so ure guys saying that theres' 210's out there and theyre different from actual bel air wagon? are they more rare then(bel air wagon) than 210 or 150? yes mine is 4 door wagon. and i guess i am very lucky then if mine is rare bel air wagon not 210 or 150...
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