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57 chevy convertable convertion

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I have a 4 dr. 57 210 sedan. I'd like to make
it into a 2 door convertable.Does anyone have
any info about this? Or a any books etc. Thanks.
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Check in some of the car mags. I'm not sure which company it is but they sell everything you need to turn a 4 door into a ragtop. The company IS NOT Goodmark but the one that advertises shows a '57, blue, sitting sideways in the ad with primered rear quarters. If I get out to the garage later I'll look thru some of my mags.

They had an article on it in Super Chevy a while back, since this place doesn't have email notification, email me at [email protected] and I'll do what I can, although I'm busy with exams and stuff right now.
C.A.R.S in Berkley Mi. sell all the sheetmetal and parts you would need to do this change.
Check out their website <> :p
i checked the website, and youll have atleast 10.000 in sheetmetal alone, plus doors, bel air trim, convertible top, paint, engine (i am guessing you want to upgrade), tranny etc. etc. You are propably looking at a budget of at least 20.000

is it wort it? I mean couldnt you sell your 4 dr, and buy a 57 cab for the same amount, AND drive it in the years the buildup would take???
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