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The question pops up every once in a while on here on upgrading the 60-66 suspension. I know the frames are different on 60-62 trucks than the 63-66 trucks so I was never sure if the 73-87 truck crossmember swapped over on the earlier 60-62 trucks.

I came across the below link on google and figured I would make a post for it so that it would come up in future searches:

Covert 60-62 Front Suspension - '60-'66 Chevy pickups

As you can see, the procedure is the same as the 63-66 trucks. I know 66GMC has done this swap on his namesake truck and I plan on swapping over my 65 c-10 as well in the near future.

Hope this helps any fellow 60-66er's along the way.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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