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63 Impala 4 dr top chop

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I just picked up a very clean 63 all original Impala 4 dr for the wife. I'm not big on 4 dr's but with 3 kids it makes a nice cruiser. I do want to customize it some as I just can't help myself. I thought about a 3" chop. I'm no body man but have extensive fabrication training. Has anyone ever doen this on this car before? With the rounded windows and sloped back c pillar is this as easy as say an old truck? I live in SW Missouri. I would be willing to trade some engine work, drivetrain work,or chassis fab. for someone to help me. I would also have interest in a well known shop that might be close if someone knows of someone. The car was appraised at 5000.00 in 1990 but it's just something in my blood that keeps me from driving a stock car. It's got a good running 283 in it. About 30 min. after I had it at home I had the hood up checking it over and the wife comes flying out telling me that this thing isn't getting one on those things that stick out of the hood so get it out of my head,lol. I guess she does know me. I'm planning on narrow up the stock rear axle, chop the top, slam it in the weeds and go through the 283 with very streetable perfomance mods. I think we might put a 700R4 trans in to replace the powerglide. Don't have a problem with glides but feel I would rather put it in my vega if it doesn't sell. Thanks for the info, Ryan
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Never chopped one of these but hey they cut real easy... :D But really, that rear glass may be a problem. Good luck. I think it would be cool :cool:
$ doors are becoming more and more popular everyday due to the fact that people has families and when going to cruise ins you can always have another couple with you. There is a great convenience with 4 doors. Instead of chopping the top I would shave the doors therefore you don't see all the handles, drop it down, put some larger wheels and tires on it, and trick out the interior. You could even go with buckets and a console if you want. Put some money into the engine and pipes to get a real good sound out of it, and I guarantee you will turn quite a few heads. Anything old is good whether it be a 2 door, 4 door, or a wagon. This is just my $.02 worth but I wouldn't chop it and take a chance on something going terribly wrong and then have to end up making a 4 door convertible with a Carson top.

Ryan , click on the "search" button in the middle of the page on this site you may find some past discussions about that subject that may be helpful to you. Also search the web for articles or "How To Books" on chopping tops. Books A Million may have something also. I don't think anyone can tell you ALL of the details that it takes to do a chop. I know, I've done a few and something new always comes up that you didn't expect or something works out better than you thought it might. Like using the rear glass & frame from another car that may fit & look good without the exspence of having a custom glass made. A good imagination always helps. :D

I´m Mike from germany! I´ve got an 64 Impala 4 door and want to chop it, too. There are some people in sweden who chopped 63/64 four door Chevies. I try to get email addies from them, but until this day, i couldn´t get one.

Do you see the flat green car next to the red one on this pic? It´s an 63 Four door! Unfortunately i don´t have better pics of it in the net :( But i have a german magazine where a chopped 63 is in, i could scan it and send it to you?

So on this one you can see it a bit better.....hope it helps your decission. I just can say: Chop it, i´ll try it too :)
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