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elec front seat. makes a clicking noise on what looks like a relay but nothing moves. makes noise in any position. has 3 sets of wires that plug into it. is there a way to test it or by pass relay to see if seat works?
thanks Butch

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I do not have a wiring diagram for that model but there are some tests you can do.
Locate the power wires (2) that connect to each motor.
There may be more than (2) wires going to each motor. You can identify the power wires by observing the size of the wire. generally the larger of the wires will be the power wires.
Select one of these motors and briefly apply 12 volts to the wires. (1) wire ground and the other wire + . The frame of the motor need not be connected to anything.
Observe the rotation and motion of the seat. For example; seat runs forward. Then reverse the polarity of these same (2) wires. The seat should run in the reverse direction.
If all the motors function as expected the seat motors and mechanical gears are OK.
Also you may want to test the seat under a load by simulating operating in the condition installed with a person sitting on it.

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