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66 impala 5.3 ls swap with “stuff”

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Hello new to the ls world of things. Got the car already swapped. Fun project. Has truck 5.3 with 706 heads, thumpr cam, springs and so on. There was a BTR intake manifold and holly sniper throttle body. 102mm. The BTR came with the fuel rails. For the life of me I can not find any instructions on how to install the fuel rails and what extra hardware is needed. Looks like a fuel line extends over intake manifold over to other side like a bridge. I only see one fuel line compression fitting going to fuel rail on right side. Any help would be appreciated!
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Welcome to Hotrodders

I moved this thread to the Fuel Injection Engine forum... The Introduction forum is not for tech questions. thanks
There is a lot of knowledge about the LS engines and their accessories on the LS1Tech forum, they even have a "conversion and swap" section.
Thanks all. Thanks for the welcome. I got it figured out. Swaps done

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