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70 El Camino aka FRANKENSTEIN
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Im almost done with building my 12 bolt now Im just stuck on rim size to fit 295/50s in the back.

Ive been told that I need a 10" rim with 5.5" backspacing and Ill have no problems.

The only rims that I have found that are cheap (in my budget) and are a style I like are theses. . .
but they are only 4" backspace.

Im thinking since I have the narrow 67 12 bolt (1/2" off each side) then I think Ill be ok but not positive. I know the tires will fit the wheel well its a bit over 13" across and my car is not lowered and wont be. The tires Im looking at are these. . .

Anyone have a 70 elky or chevelle with that size tire out back???
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