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67 Chevelle Sheetmetal

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I need some proffesional advice about welding in some new sheetmetal. Ihave a 67 chevelle, needing floorpans and floor braces, Rockers, Quarters and inner wheel tubs. What should i start with first? The body is stripped down to just the shell sitting on the frame. I would appreciate any help in this area.
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Before you cut out any of the floor pan or supports make sure you weld in some bracing to hold everything in place before the floors,etc. have been removed. Depending on how extensive the floor replacement will be, you might have to remove the body from the frame.I personally would start with the floors and braces first and work out from there.
i'm not a professional, but i too have a 67 chevelle. over this past summer, i replace the floor pans, trunk braces, and trunk pans. i suggest that you start with the metal on the inside of the car first. it will make life much easier on you doing it that way. also, i strongly recommend using goodmark metal. i bought from them as well from cars inc. and i found the metal from goodmark to be of much higher quality.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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