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68 camaro 6 or 8??? Help

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Hello all, I just recently purchased a 68 convertible and It has the original 6 engine(230) and I am deciding on replacing it with a crate 350 engine maybe the zz4 engine but I do not want to devalue the car and actually looking to improve its value so if anyone can give me some facts on replacing motor to a new engine or keeping the original, then please leave your comments. All comments appreciated. Thanks The overall condition of the car is a good 3 thanks Hope to hear back
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Its a clean uncut car. 3 out of 5
The car is pretty much original with 90,000 miles on the 230 six cylinder, I'm sure the engine could use some freshening up. the only changes were that the color was changed from the vin tag of ash gold to butternut yellow. standard bucket seats with nice console with powerglide tranny in it. 8track still works in it! I do not want to make a race car but solely looking for ways to improve value as this venture would cost me around 4500 or I could use that gm motor that has 260 hp that is complete turn key which is around 2800. any other questions??? Thank you for your replies
Thank you for your input. I like the idea of a new engine with a warranty from chevrolet for 12 months.
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