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i knwo of one sitting in town at a repair shop about a mile away from here,
its a 4 door,
i had no idea any chevelles were 4 door until i saw it recently, i had to look at it again to make sure it was really a chevelle, but it is, its a 68-70, but definitely not a 71 or 72, its older than that,

it just appeared one day out of the blue

a 4 door chevelle,,, its a new one on me, i would never have thought any such cars were 4 door,
thats wierd...


it looks like its been in a barn or shed or something for many years, and its still got the original wheels and everything, is a wierd green color, looks factory

i hope they dont demo derby it

but they probably will

ppl are retarded like that around here
they will trash anything and dont care,
nothing is sacred to the damn demo derby freaks..
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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