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I have a 68 Firebird that has drum brakes on the front . I have a wrecked 73 Camaro that has disc brakes on the front . Is there a way I can make these brakes fit the 68 Firebird. I`m told I can swap left and right spindles and it will work. Any help with this would be appreciated.

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thats affirmative

This question comes up about every other month.


There are two problems. First, there's the front vs rear steer issue. Swapping the spindles side for side puts the steering arms in the wrong place and will cause bump steer that will make the car change lanes when you hit a bump. Second, the 70-up ball joints use a different taper angle on the studs. Yes, you can bolt the later spindles up to early ball joints, and this will work fine until one day the metal fatigue due to the improper fit causes a front wheel and spindle to depart the car.

Did I mention not to do this?

The 67-69 F-body, 64-72 A-body, and 68-74 X-body cars all use the same spindles. Repro disk brake spindles are available EVERYWHERE. If you're too cheap to buy the correct parts, then you can also convert your drum spindles to disk spindles with some simple machining, as detailed here:


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67-69 disc brake spindles

You can use the spindle, caliper, bracket, or rotor from the below models IF the car came with front disc brakes. Drum spindles can be modified to disc use by cutting the upper boss. You will still have to 67-69 steering arms.

Apollo 73-74

Buick Special 69-72

Camaro 69

Chevelle 69-72

Firebird 69

Grand Prix 69

Grand Prix 70-72

Monte Carlo 70-72

Nova 69-74

Olds F85 69-72

Omega 73-74

Sprint gmc 71-72

Tempest 69-72

Ventura II 71-74
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