Genuine GM - OEM style.
This is a "single" driver side 69-70 Car ram horn that is Angled back.
LH: #'s 3932469 date code L10 (Dec.70). Non alternator mounting style.
Had two Heli Coils installed other stud hole looks good.
Has been bead blasted and painted with "Dupli-Color" Engine Ceramic Enamel paint with standing up to 500 deg. Color is DE1651 Cast Coat Iron then Baked in outside temps of excess of over 100 deg for a week (7 days).

The other side Passenger one I snapped off a corner at the flange bolt so its no good. I looking for new ones.

SORRY some pics are upside down, I guess my Smart Phone is smarter than me LOL

$50 + plus the ride if needed.

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