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My father just aquired a 69 C10 in ok shape that ran it had a stock 307 and a granny 3spd,with a 12 bolt rear end.I swapped the rear end for a ford 9" with 3.50 gears,I found a Camaro 5spd,swapped it out,Some late model bronce seats,A crate 350 swapped a performer intake,gear drive,Late style serpentine belt set up,rebuilt a q-jet carb for it,Brand new hei 50K volt distributor,It's a slow process but its getting there.
My question is he wants to put a steering column from the 1980 C10 Chevy scottsdale in it.We just dont know how to wire it up?Anybody that can help it is appreciated.

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I'm not going to be much help on the wiring aspect yet, as I have't got that far into my build yet.

I CAN tell you that the 1980 column has no "PRNDL" housing on it, and the ignition switch is also column-munted. The "PRNDL" indicator was integral to the instrument panel instead, and was conrolled by a piece of fishing line. :mwink:

A tilt column from an early GM G-Van (70 - 76 (?) full sized van) is supposedly a virtual "bolt-in" and does have the "PRNDL" housing on the column ... and does not have the ignition switch. The downside to these columns is that the bearings are problematic and hard to service. At least that's what I have been told.

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Invest in the wiring diagrams for the 1980 column. This will enable you the identify which wires do what.

Also, you will need both parts of the wire connectors.

Some wire color examples for the ignition switch are;

RED --12 volt power feed from the battery
BRN -- from ignition sw. accessory position to accessory fuse bus.
ORG -- from run position to run fuse buss.
PPL -- from start position to starter.
PNK -- from run-start-test position to run fuse bus.

You may find duplicate wire colors that are for different systems such as the turn signals.
By using a meter you can isolate the systems.

Do this for all column mounted stuff.

Check and ebay for a manual.


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Doc here, :pimp:

The 80 column and the 69 Body aren't exactly Color Code compatible but close..

Here are the two systems:

1980 COLUMN, turnsignal system:
  • BLACK = Horn relay.
  • LT BLUE = Left Front Direction lamp and panel indicator.
  • BLUE = Right front directional lamp and panel indicator.
  • BROWN = Hazard Flasher.
  • PURPLE = Directional flasher.
  • YELLOW = Left rear directional lamp.
  • GREEN = Right rear Direction lamp.
  • WHITE = Stop lamp switch.

  • LIGHT BLUE = Left front directional lamp and panel indicator.
  • PURPLE BLACK = Horn relay.
  • BLACK = Horn Relay.
  • BLACK = Left Door switch.
  • WHITE = Stop Lamp Switch.
  • BLUE = Right Front Directional Light and panel indicator.
  • BROWN = Hazard Flasher.
  • PURPLE = Directional flasher.
  • YELLOW = Left rear directional lamp.
  • GREEN = Right Rear Direction Lamp.

  • TAN/WHITE= Park lamp switch.
  • GREEN = Temp sensor and lamp.
  • ORANGE = Choke Fuse.
  • RED = To battery Fuse link.
  • PURPLE/WHITE = To neutral Safe Switch.
  • PINK/BLACK = To Coil and seat belt buzzer.

  • GREEN = Temp sender and lamp.
  • BLACK = Ground.
  • RED = Fuse link at the Battery.
  • PURPLE = Neutral Safe Switch.
  • BROWN= to alternator and the + side of the Radio / Flasher Fuse.

Verify these are the color wires you have and their function, with an ohm meter...then transpose the wires from both systems into a single drawing to graft the column to your body..example:

1980 column............Truck body.........function.

RED........................RED..................Fuse link.

And so on..note any Differences on this drawing and use it to do the final install.

Hope it helps!

Doc :pimp:
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