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I've checked all over the place in here and cannot find an answer for what I'm looking for. I am just beginning the rebuild of my '69 Mustang Mach 1 (M code). I've stripped it, had it acid dipped and have it installed in a rotisserie. From the inspection I've done (pic's are posted in my rebuild updates in this site) I need to replace both torque boxes, the front rail extensions, both complete floor pans, and a small section of the inside front frame rails. All these parts are interconnected and the best way that I can see to replace them is to remove them all start with the inside of the frame rail, fix that, then install one side floor pan, then the extension and lastly the torque box. The roof, pillars, firewall and rocker panels are all in good shape.
I would like to know if these components can be removed simultaneously? I plan on supporting the car at the shock towers to the floor and the rocker panels to the floor (while car is upside down) Do I need to do more? Do I need to consider a different order for parts replacement? Am I unjustifiably concerned? I'll figure this out one way or the other but am clearly open to input.
thanks in advance
John (jt50583)
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