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camaro or opel

69 opel or a 79 camero

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69 opel or a 79 camaro

i have the choice of a 69 opel gt with a 1.9 liter engine top speed 115
or a 1979 Chevy Berlinetta Camaro with a 350 small block top speed 120
the opel link is
and the camaros link is
which one thx
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I would take the camaro if it were me. I have a 1980 z28, although that one is a bernlinetta which doesn't look nearly as nice IMO. Both those cars appear in need of lots of work so really it all depends on what you want to do with it. Good luck and enjoy!

Keith :)
What are you looking to do with it: daily driver, weekend toy, or race car?
i wan to use it as a daily driver and a weekend toy
Opel is out with the daily driver requirement, too finicky and parts are expensive and can be hard to get. Camaro parts are cheap and easy to find.
Opel GT's make awesome tube chassis drag cars though!
ericnova72 said:
Opel GT's make awesome tube chassis drag cars though!

Love them as a Drag car. :D :D :thumbup:
I'm currently looking for an Opel GT to drop a 383 in. They're cheap, but don't expect to keep the 1.9 if you want it to stay cheap.
I would have to say (while doing so going against my morals as I'm a MOPAR man), to go with the Camaro. This style of Camaro is not the most attractive, but could still become a reliable daily driver, while making some power for the weekend, and with a few "custom" pieces, like chin spoiler, hood scoop, deck spoiler and nice wheels/paint, the Camaro could be a unique looking and fun car.
ok so if i go with the camaro then what can i do to make it look nicer and give it more power
Camero for sure. Nice daily driver and can have some fun with it too.
My mom had a '69 Opel GT back when it was a year old. she said it would cruise 120 MPH all day, and she did that quite often going from NY to Michigan thru Canada.. and got 42 MPG.. had a '70 in the early 80's but had the automatic ( kinda rare ) and it developed some trans issues and needed trans work.. my dad didn't have the time or money to do anything to it, so it got sold.. my mom said the '69 was the most reliable car she ever owned.. sold in 1979 to a kid who wrecked it 2 weeks later
I'd go with the Opel but I'm one that likes being different....and the Opel is and always will be more of a collectors item than that 79 Camario will ever be. I bet I stepped on a few toes with that comment lol

fast68 wrote:
what is a camero
If you are being a S/A it is the mis-spelled version of Camaro, as though you needed someone to tell you. If you really had no clue, then why even ask? At your age, one would expect you know how to act, or at least have a clue about what the guy is asking about seeing as how this is a car (hot rod) forum. I suppose a camero could be mis-spelled version of cameo, in which case 'cameo appearance' may apply. If it was a cameo, that would be what you did 'back in the day'. I wonder, at 100 years of age, what year did you start hot-rodding? I'm thinking it was like last year, when you finally got out of grade school. LOL

maybe it was camera...
Those work pretty well for working live stock :D
Opel, on looks alone. Will you be "restoring" it back to stock condition?
I would say the Opel GT just because it different and I think it would be alot more fun but I ran into some guys and they all thought the Camaro was the way to go......

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i was thinking the opel but it has the 1.9l engine and parts are hard to find and expensive but the camaro has the 350 sbc and parts are cheep and easy to find
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