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700r4 lockup

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I recently posted about my 1983 Silverado with the 700r4 transmission, I have since replaced the TV cable and it has greatly improved the way the vehicle shifts. My next issue is wiring the Lockup to where it will work, I have checked out the Painless wiring kit, summit racing kit, and the B&M Kit all on Summits site and I kind of like the B&M because it provides a dash mounted control unit. None of my original wiring is there, it was like this when i brought it home. So instead of going through the trouble of finding all the original parts, I want to simply wire the thing so it will work and not kill my trans... All opinions and info is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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out of complete ignorance, i need to ask what exactly does a servo do and what effect would a performance servo have on a four wheel drive truck?
hey,where in his post did he say servo :confused: and where did it say 4x4 :confused: :rolleyes:
you can use

i know the 1984 to 86 chevy trucks had some the parts you need to use factroy stuff to make your lock up work! i'll have to see i find the site show you how and what you need! should help you out!
the truck is a four wheel drive, and I would like to know what the servo is supposed to do... Thanks
I have a TCI kit sitting here on my desk. I was going to install it but decided to take another route.


I'm going the stock route and controlling it with the ECU, so I don't need the kit. I was going to send it back anyway.
I have the B&M unit on my truck/700r4. I really like allows you to dial in any mph that you want it to lock up or you can turn the thing completely off. I do have a mechanical speedometer cable and that is what it requires. easy installation.
I have a B&M Kit, I & everyone I've talked to with the B&M kit like it as Fergusonic said. It's adjustable and can be turned off for in town driving. There's 1 on Evilbay for a good price. :thumbup:
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