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1949 Ford Coupe RESURRECTION
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THIRD UPDATE ! ! ...................IT WAS THE GOVERNOR ! Although there was no perceived difference in the governor, the weights would drop, the valve looked and acted exactly like the old governor, EXCEPT that the bearing surface had some tiny scratches in it (Hope the case isn't getting shot), I went ahead with a test drive and it shifted PERFECTLY !.. The only thing it could have been was LEAKAGE on either the bearing surface, or within the case of the valve carrier. SO, here is the lesson, and hopefully you transmission guys can remember this... ALL those symptoms lead up to governor wearing out (I hope). Thanks for all the help, guys ! ! !

The following is what I posted earlier today...

I posted a similar question a couple of weeks ago, but thought I'd repost since I had a couple of errors in my "wording" and some new information to share... So here goes !!

After Dana of ProBuilt Transmissions suggested a couple of months ago, that I put a gallon of Caterpillar gear fluid in (to raise the viscosity and help with lubrication), since the symptoms have all been seemingly due to temperature, hence, the guess was a problem with viscosity, or perhaps either a leak or something sticking somewhere. The major issue, since the last rebuild, has been the fact that when cold/ambient temperature, it would go into 4th just fine. But as the temperature rose/further driving, the shift point for 4th gear engagement would rise from about 40 to 45 mph, up to 65 mph or so., but now the condition seems permanent (Will not go into 4th no matter what)... What follows is what's been going on.. (By the way, I have not been able to contact Dana for some reason... hope he's ok.. does anybody know him???)

Unfortunately, it seemed that the addition of the Cat fluid, there was no improvement in 4th gear shift points. (Not a viscosity problem??) Then, Since I remembered that the 2-4 Servo seemed a bit loose on the pin, I decided to install the Sonnax 2-4 full blast servo. After that I thought everything was fixed.. for a while... it was back to normal.. but then it started with the "higher shift points with increased temperature) again..(whatever it is, it's "progressive")

SOOOOO, I decided that I had to add cooling, so I bought an 11"x11" cooler, and added it in front of the condenser and piped it in series with the original 5"x11" cooler (under a third pusher fan that I had installed earlier with a fan sequencer to control it. The pusher is the first to come on.....) that I had installed during the original build to triple the cooling effect. I also bypassed the radiator part of the cooling circuit so the fluid only goes through the temperature control valve then through the two coolers. Well, then all was perfect and I thought everything was now wonderful.! ! ! (This is covered in the second link below on page 2 of Chapter 2 of the 700R4 rebuild)
maybe 500 miles of driving... all of a sudden, the behavior returned to the original issue... no 4th after I drive maybe 3 or 4 miles.. good 4th gear till it warms up, but now, the shift point doesn't gradually keep rising the further I drive, all of a sudden, NO 4th even up to 70 mph AT ALL !. This was just last week after the drag race mentioned below).

After talking to a couple of Transmission guys, they both thought that the first suspect would be the governor. So, I bought a new Sonnax 730 governor before I pulled things apart. Removed the original governor this morning, and it looks brand new, no junk in it, and the weights drop down and the valve rises just like it should. The tolerance/distance it moves appears identical to the brand new governor.

So, now, I'm more than frustrated, and thinking I have a "control" issue with the valve body... I posted three diagrams on my original post, but that information is immaterial I suppose to those who know their 700R4's..

Here is what I'm thinking... which I don't have much confidence in, so I thought you may be able to shed some light on this thing...

By the way, when it DOES/DID go into second, third, or 4th, it is not "lazy" or slip in any way. The first two shifts are perfect. When the 2-4 servo kicks in, it's a nice firm shift, even with the "old" Corvette servo (later put a Sonnax full kit servo). And I have no issue with the lockup working either. I have a three way switch and rewired the 4th pneumatic switch so that I can control either lockup in 2,3,4, or "stock" lockup in 4th only, or no lockup at all in any gear.

It appears from the drawings that I have studied that the primary pressure source for the 2-3 solenoid comes from a port just behind the spring in the 4-3 sequencer valve. But it must be triggered by a signal from (initially the action of the 3-4 shift valve, which then triggers the 3-4 relay (part of the same bore as the 4-3 sequencer valve) to throw pressure to the back side of the 2-4 solenoid to engage 4th gear...

Also, (and all this could have been entirely coincidental) I noticed that my shifter had to be nudged a little bit for the neutral safety switch to engage to start, so I thought "OH, the shift linkage is a little bit off and when I'm in "D", maybe it's thinking I'm in "2", or third gear. So I crawled under it for the thousandths time, and it was off by about 3/16", so I moved/adjusted the linkage so that when in "D", it was firmly in the detent position for "D". Made no difference... I also thought that because after driving home on a 200 mile trip, after stopping and then taking off again, 4th gear quit engaging... so I shifted to "N", then pulled the shifter back very carefully and slowly into "D", and it shifted into 4th for about 10 miles until I had a BLOWOUT 90 miles from home (but that's a whole 'nother story).. Is it possible that the Manual Valve is leaking??.. But this last week, I tried that action a few more times, and it didn't make it work.. so I don't know if it was just another "coincidence" or not...

Here is something strange.. one evening last week, I happened to pull up next to a (probably one of those knock-off kit cars) Shelby Cobra's.. well, I couldn't resist.. so at the next red light, we had a little race.. and I waxed his asssss !! And after that kinda HARD race, that's when it then refused to go into 4th PERMANANTLY... may just be a coincidence,... but.... too weird ....

I'm starting to think that it's not a problem with viscosity at all, but something getting stuck with "expansion" of some damned valve somewhere...perhaps getting stuck ... or a leak.. hell, I don't know....

I also just got a pair of Sonnax PIN-LESS accumulator pistons, but I don't know if a leaky pin/piston 3-4 accumulator could be the problem or not.. does anybody know about leaky accumulator pistons??

I'll be pulling the pan and valve body this afternoon... hoping to find a stuck valve or check ball crushed into the divider plate, or some other obvious issue..

Any tips would be greatly appreciated..! !

Thanks, guys.. (click below for the history of this transmission)

Chapter 1 of the rebuild and install of the TransGo Kit

Chapter 2 of the second rebuild after failed planetary
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