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90 700r4 2wd truck. rebuilt it myself. first gears fine but when it shifts to 2nd it slips like crazy. pretty sure that 2-4 band is now smoked. fluid smells very bad like a bomb went off but still kinda redish looking, i droped the pan and found the magnet had metal grit stuck to it. so yea i definly fried somthing and YESSSSSSSSSSS TV cable is adjusted properly from the get go.

things i installed. seals and clutches/steels
2. Sonnax smart shell
3. oversized sonnax thottle valve in valve body
and Sonnax #94 plunger and spring kit
4. oversized sonnax PR valve and Pink spring in pump
5, steel forward, overun, 3-4 pistin from late model 4l60e,, yess fits
6. new bushing and bearings, wide sun gear bushing
7. removed 3-4 boost springs and drilled number 44 hole in new GM spacerplate, all check balls in right spot, acording to atsg manuel.
8. new cascade reverse drum also
9. used good input drum, old one was cracked near the spline area.

sent the valve body and pump out to get reamed for bigger sonnax valves.

im thinking my servo pin is too long? maybe the band riding to hard on the drum and now smoked? keep the stock pin with the unit it came from, also check the 1-2 acumalator housing and that looks fine have all new pistons for acumalators too.

going pull it back out tommrw to see what esle i can find, any ideas?? anybody?? thanks
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