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7023P .030 Forged Piston

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Hi Everyone,

Trying to identify this piston. I was told when I purchased them years ago that they were .030 454 Chevy pistons. After doing some more research, what I have found on the interwebs is that they appear to be 383 Mopar pistons. They measure 4.28" (4.25 +.030) and they have "7023P" stamped on the top and "201-99 B" on the bottom side of the piston. Everything I have been able to find online points to them being 383 Chrysler pistons, which I guess are also 4.25" standard bore. Just wanted to get second opinions and confirm my suspicions. Pretty bummed they are probably not the 454 pistons I need.

Here is a link that led me to believe they are probably Mopar pistons. 383 Dome Piston Help - Moparchat - Home of MOPAR enthusiasts worldwide!

Thanks in advance.


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I can't verify the 7023P number other than to say it is Sealed Power, and pre-1990's.

What I can tell you is that it isn't a BBC piston....dome shape and valve pocket/relief orientation is completely wrong.
The BBC is a canted valve, slightly rotated chamber shape....the piston you have is dome and relief-shaped for an inline valve chambered head.

You can further check by measuring wrist pin bore diameter. The BBC is .990" pin, while the B/RB Mopars are 1.094"
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