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Hey Folks-

I just received an Edlebrock RPM Performer intake for the Rocket 350 we're working on. We also just got the Quadrajet back from rebuild.

When we got the car, almost none of the vacuum was hooked up. Now, with the new equipment, we are unsure how to mount all the parts and create the proper performance.

Does anyone have a diagram of where all the stuff mounts? Not sure how/where to mount the coil.....also, the throttle spring bracket won't mount on the new intake......there must be a way around that?

We have no idea what type of choke we had a small bracketed steel tube that came off of the original intake and screwed into the choke, but it broke off (old/rusty) when we removed the original intake.

The vacuum tower (?) has three vacuum ports in it.....what do they go to?

I'd really like to see this thing set up right from the git-go so we can move on to the balance of the restoration....we have the seats being re-upholstered and the painter is coming tonight to take a look at our progress on the body work.

Any help on this would be great....Edelbrock has a tech line, but you know what kind of help you get with that!

Thanks for helping this 41 year old guy who is building the hot rod of his dreams for his kids (they are 19/21) and maybe going through his mid-life crisis?

Dean Sparks
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