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727 Torqueflight transmission

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I have a 1965 Satellite with a 727 torqueflight with the stock floor cable shifter.
This a rebuilt trans that has a shift kit in it and works ok in drive.
Having problems if I try to manual shift. Trans will go into 1st but when move the shifter into second, trans will not shift.
If the shifter is in drive, trans will shift all gears.
Have tried to adjust shifter cable at the transmission, but did not fix the problem.
Any ideas?
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Welcome. You need to post this in the transmission forum so it will get some coverage. This forum is for general introductions, not tech questions.
Nice car though, I had a 67 Coronet with a console shifter and a 318. Wish I still had it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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