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73 dodge dart

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I have a 1973 dodge dart sport demon I was wanting to put a unique paint job on it different but a head turner any suggestions even changing the wheels.any help greatly appreciated thanks. :)
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With the name "Demon" that shouldn't be terribly hard to do... :D
Chryselr had some cool stuff back in those day, paisley vinyl tops, matching interiors, wild graphics to go with the names. Scamps, Demons, Twisters, Roadrunners. I'm a lil devil was a popular catch phrase, do some google image searches, you should get some ideas.
Demons were only built for 2 years, 71 and 72 and then there were no Demon Sport. Dart Sport, yes......
cranky1 said:
Demons were only built for 2 years, 71 and 72 and then there were no Demon Sport. Dart Sport, yes......
He's right about this, I couldn't remember for sure, this wiki jogged my memory. A good read:

You couldn't guess why they quit calling it the Demon! A good trivia question.
I ran the vin and it came up a demon maybe it is originally a 72 but it looks good just a little tlc thanks a lot for the info. :)
The manufacture date is a 72 on the car so it may be the vin # says it is maybe so but it still looks good how many was made thanks for the info. :)
What's the 6th digit in the VIN? If it's a Demon, it will be either a 1 or a 2 (for the year of car) and the 5th digit will be for the engine.

And ya, Chrysler bowed down to the heat for the name.......but I'll keep quiet for now as to who the ones were that made the most noise lol. A buddy has a 72 with a 318 and we played with it a bit...runs 13.50's and without getting crazy with it....except for the rear gearing :D No one believes it's a 318 but no one will bet on it either lol. Don't know why people doubt them because there's lots of teens running much faster than that....
There's tons of stuff to do with a demon, plenty of stock art and graphics to use, I suggest doing a google search for "Ghosts, Tribals and so on style tattoos, another thing you may want to look into is a vehicle wrap, anything done in hi res graphics can be added to a wrap, they are getting more popular these days, just not shiny enough for me.

I like the Old School original, I think Chryslers colors and weird schemes they put together still are classics.
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