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74 350 build with martin turbo system

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hello all I am building a 350 for my 78 z28. I have a old martin turbo system set up that's been laying around waiting for a good motor to breathe in.
the block is a 74 350 its down at the machine shop getting all cleaned up bored 30 crank is going 10/10, It didn't have rods with it. I am building this for a fun street/ strip. I have enough daily drivers I have someone trying to sell me re sized 5.7 rods for 50$ said they were used on a circle track motor. I have also read about some flaws to the martin kit(sending hot oil back into pan causing premature bearing wear, leading to spinning bearings, no inter-cooler , no cold air intake) .
well I wanna improve all of it redirecting oil into a oil cooler before sending back into motor. fabricate a way to add inter-cooler and cold air intake, boost control

I was looking for opinions /tips on what type of components to use on this build and any tips or opinions on what to do with turbo I love fabricating stuff so a little challenge is cool with me I know you guys here have the knowledge I can really use thank you everyone.
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ya I wasnt planning on using those old rods, I checked out that,website pretty cool but way out of my budget I know I needa build a stong rotating assembly it is a two bolt block thank you
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