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Hey, I will be doing my first swap, and it seems like a tricky one, but the results are exactly what I'm looking for.

A low end torque monster daily driving 4 door nova! Sleeper! lol

I got a deal on a 350 Small Block Buick, and yes I know the chevy 350 would be a more ideal swap, the low end torque the buick has helps me out so I can keep everything relatively stock.

the nova is a 1975 four door, came with the inline 250 that lasted an ungodly amount of miles (Slow and steady wins the race! haha). My dad bought it when I was 16 or so, given to me at 17 and now I'm still young at 22, but the car is mine and needs a lot of work! But it was my first car, sold it once already, bought it back (exactly a year later) and decided it's somewhat of my destiny to finish this thing!

Well I'll be posting various "noob" questions, as I am on several other forums as well; never can have enough references though!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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