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Just a heads up - drove cross country (Seattle to Rhode Island) and finally did an accurate mileage test with gps and full tank of gas + refill.

After about 300 miles, i refilled and to my surprise she got 21.7mpg highway, fully loaded with car parts, snowboard gear, camping equipment for 2 ppl and 2 passengers!!

i was so chuffed, and all this averaging around 65 mph - all this on 295 rears!! :pimp:

Just thought id share my build info - and i guess she makes about 400 crank at least!

77 Camaro
Vortec 350 roller (all stock)
GM Hotcam 218/228 .492/.492 (1.5 rockers)
062 heads machined for more lift
Quadrajet (tinkered and setup by myself) - 2 jet sizes up
Long tube headers to 3" collectors
True dual 2 1/4 exhaust (no cat)
Eddie intake (spreadbore 2117 iirc)
Stock HEI
200-4R OD trans
3000 TCI TC (i wired in the 4th gear lockup myself all externally)
295/60/15 rear street tires

So for all those "quadra-junk / quadra-bog" naysayers out there, here is proof how excellent these carbs actually are!! Gps and gas pump sure dont lie!

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