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77 chevy c10 transmission conversion

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i have a 77 chevy c10 heavy duty half, 2wd, stock 350 engine. The transmission in it is the muncie ch465 (4 speed with granny gear) the bearings went bad and i am looking to just replace it with a new transmission, one that would shift faster and not geared so low. I would like to keep it manual as it would be cheaper then converting it to automatic. If anyone has any advice i would greatly appreciate it as nobody around town seems to know. Thanks!
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First off, welcome to Hotrodders.

The 465 is more commonly known as the SM-465, I deleted your other thread in this forum that asked the very same question you ask here word for word.

You would be pretty well off looking around for the NVG-3500 5 speed, but you would end up having to convert to hydraulic clutch to run it. Other than that the only other decent option would be to look for an 833 4 speed, it has nearly identical gearing to the TH-700R4 automatic.
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