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8.8 Rear End

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I need some more advice while I'm swapping out the rear-ends on my 88GT. I'm swapping them out because I found one that already had the gears I want (3.73), and it was cheaper than having a shop take out my current 4.56s and put in 3.73s. But anyway I have two questions:
1) Normally you mark you driveshaft to make sure it goes back in the correct location so as to keep it balanced. Since I'm putting in a different rear-end, how do I know what position to put the driveshaft in after the rear-end is installed?
2) I see some type of weight or something on the rear-end I'm pulling out. Does anyone know exactly what it is? I would research it, but I don't even know what to search for.
I'm attaching pictures to show what I'm talking about.


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The weight is a 10lb damper that doesnt work anymore if you change the gear ratio. I take em off but keep the pinion snubber. You'll need two 3/8 bolts about 1.5inches long to reattach the snubber.

The yoke can be put on 4 ways so you'll just have to see if it vibrates after install. If it does, then shift it one position and try again. If the vibration wont stop, get your driveshaft balanced if you have aluminum, or get the Ford Motorsport aluminum shaft.

Thanks fir the information. That makea alot of sense. I can take the snubber off a parts car I have out back.
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